Saturday, February 27, 2016

What? Editing? Pff

So a while back i wrote a book a really long book about 45000 words. long which is long for me since the majority of my, books are only arounf 20000 words

i was prowd of my Book that i worked so hard on

i self published my book and was so excited when i got my first sale and then my next follow by the next then i got an email from a reader who loved my book and thought. it was hot and Steamy

then not long after that i got a review that criticizd my grammer and editing i was. offended because i lloved my book so Much and worked hard on it and thought they did not. know what they were. talking, about

that was too years ago and i have published severil boocks since then and have lerned so much
i recently spent hours and hours editing the first book i ever. published so i could republish the book under my new pen name. man my editing and writing were BAD really bad. and one of the things i lerned was that editing is very importint to the success of a book.

good editing Helps the reader read the book more fluidly 

it helps the reader know the feelings and emotions of the character

it allows the reader to escape into a world completely Different to the one they are living in

so One thing i would urge all Wryters to do is to make sure you edit or have your book edited i am far from perfect and still amke so many mystakes but i no longer get offended by comments on my grammer i use them to make my writing better.

***Gotcha! ;)***

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  1. Laughing my tail off - and I don't have much of it to lose! Edit, edit, edit! Very humorous!