Friday, March 11, 2016

Golden Flogger Award Nomination Interview

So, in November 2015, I received an exciting email. In it I was informed that my book, 'Blind Sensations' was nominated for the Golden Flogger Award in the "Light BDSM" category. Imagine my excitement at receiving such news!

As a writer, I write to share stories that are in my head. Yes, they are erotic romance. (I consider my books to be romance with erotic elements.) I do not write to receive acclamation, praise, or awards (however nice it is to hear them.) I want to take readers on a journey. Short, yes, but a journey nonetheless. Think of my books as a weekend getaway compared to novels that are extended vacations ;)

Anyway, part of this nomination thing was an interview. I was given the opportunity to share a little about myself; who I am, why I do what I do, etc. with my readers. I figured I would share the interview here with you, to give you all a chance to read a bit about me, and leave comments, if you wish. I do love reading them (along with reviews), and will comment back!

Well, without further adieu, here is the interview. Enjoy!
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Ashlee Shades
Golden Flogger Award Nominee 2016
Blind Sensations

Why did you begin writing BDSM novels?
Blind Sensations, the novella that was nominated for the award, was my first shot at writing BDSM. You see BDSM portrayed in society in so many ways, and largely associated with pain. Maybe that was just my view on what I had been seeing. I know that BDSM is so much more than just the “punishment” aspect that many believe it is. So, I wrote Blind Sensations, the first in a three-part series, to show a more sensual side to it. I wanted to show that among the aspects of BDSM, enjoyment, pleasure, and trust are among them.
What does being nominated for the Golden Flogger Award mean to you?
For me it means that I did something right. Someone, somewhere, actually enjoyed my book. It is an honor to be nominated among so many great books/authors. I have been a fan of many of them for quite some time.
I self-publish, and each time I click that submit button my anxiety increases, along with my excitement. I am sure every author feels that way: Will they buy it? Will they like it? To have been nominated is validation for me that readers do like what I write, and it encourages me to continue on.
What is the hardest part of writing your novel?
The hardest part about writing this, for me, was getting it “right”. I wanted to stay true to BDSM (in my case, light BDSM) while giving the readers something they could enjoy, something they could connect with. My main female character goes through a series of lessons on the senses and how they impact your intimate experiences. The entire time the character is blindfolded. so getting across her feelings and emotions, making the reader feel them and sense them along with her was the hardest part.
Tell us a little about yourself and your writing works.
I am foremost a wife and mother, but writing has always been a part of me, though, and it wasn’t until 2014, when I published my first novel, that I was able to awaken that dormant dream of being a writer. I have written and published one novel and six novellas. The first three, a series titled ‘The Celestial Mating Series’ were published in 2014. The others, two stand-alone novellas, and the ‘Lessons Series’ consisting of Blind Sensations and Blind Seductions (to be followed in 2016 by the third, Blind Surrender) were published throughout 2015. I feel that I have grown with each new book that I write, and I look forward to that continued growth.
Will you be attending BDSM Writers Con or other events we can meet you at?
At the moment, I do not have any plans to attend, but that is not to say that my plans will not change. Life is an ever-changing cycle, so I never say ‘No’ as a definitive answer.

A little about the author:

I am a proud citizen of the USA. I grew up in a small town in the northern part of the lower peninsula of Michigan. I met my husband in the summer of 2000, and within five years, we were married and had two sons. We recently moved to central US. For me, there is nothing in this world more important than my family.
I have always had a strong bond with reading. It has allowed me to escape to places I otherwise would never have been, meet interesting characters, feel the emotional roller coaster of each story, and all while never leaving the comfort of home. In 2014, I published my first erotic book, as my way of contributing to the wonderful world of book journeys.
Since that first book, I have been on a journey of growth and learning. Every day is a new chance to learn, grow, change, and adapt. I love writing stories, and hope that my readers enjoy reading them. I love hearing from and interacting with my readers. I appreciate them all, and every piece of constructive criticism, every compliment, is used to make me a better writer than I was when I began.


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