Tuesday, August 9, 2016


We follow their advice and try to do exactly what they are doing. Follow their guide and you could see success like they have.

We stop being who we are, and we try to become more like "them".

But, it doesn't always work. We don't have their life and we don't have their schedule. We don't have their finances, their time, etc. So, it may not work, and then we get disappointed and feel like giving up because we haven't reached THEIR goals for US!

The truth is, we just can't be them. We will never be them, and no one will ever accept YOU for being THEM. There is already a spot in the world for "them" and they have filled it. It is not vacant, it is not empty and up for grabs... so you know what? Stop trying to be them Start being YOU!

There is a spot in this world for YOU, and you are the only one who can fill it. No one else can be you the way you can.

And remember: You are a "them" to someone else. There is someone out there trying to be just like you. So, stop trying to make them think that being YOU is bad... being YOU is the only thing you will ever do perfectly in your life.

So, go out there into the world and be YOU! Accept yourself for being YOU and not being them. You are a perfect you.


  1. Great post! The only person we can really fairly compete with is the person in the mirror!

    1. Sorry I missed this, Scarlett!

      You are absolutely right! The only person we should compete with is the person we were yesterday. <3