Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Invest Yourself Wisely

I have friends who always go out of their way to help people, to support people, to encourage people. Sometimes they get some of that reciprocated, other times they don't, but they still do it because it is who they are. It is a part of them that they do not want to change.

Then there are my two boys. They are generous, kind, compassionate young men. (Currently, they are ten years old and thirteen years old.) The love people (they take after me ;)), and would go out of their way to do anything for anyone.

But, there is just one piece of advice, one thing that I would want them to remember... and you too!

Invest yourself wisely!

What do I mean?

Think of yourself as a bank account...

In the beginning of your life, you are full; rich. As you go through life, you withdraw from your account (yourself) and invest in relationships. Sometimes you get a return, when you invest in the right ones. Other times you never receive anything in return.

As you go through life, invest your time and energy in the right relationships. They will not leave you empty or drained, but will replenish you, and encourage you.

Don't end your journey broke.

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