Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Trust Wisely!

They say communication is the key to a successful relationship. Whether it be a couple, friends, business... communication is what makes it thrive.

I would have to say that trust is another one, if not the biggest one to have. You can be in business with someone you do not love. You can trust someone based on their actions without communicating with them... but you do not usually love someone wholeheartedly if you do not trust them... you do not usually want to communicate openly with someone you do not trust.

Trust is a cornerstone. When people trust you, they are relying on you and your integrity, strength - they have confidence in you. They place their hope in you, "trusting" you will not hurt them or lead them wrong.

It takes time to build that trust. It takes effort, and requires proof - a history of being able to be relied on.Teacher/student, spouses, friends, partnerships - they all require a foundation of trust so they can thrive and grow.

But trust is a very fragile thing. It can be broken in the blink of an eye. In a relationship, if a woman/man slips once, it will take years, if not forever, to prove they are trustworthy again. Sometimes, trust can be shattered to a point it can never be present again, period. Yeah, you may still talk, you may still be "friends", but nothing will ever be the same again.

Breaking trust hurts. When people tell you something and then you go behind their back and spread gossip - that hurts. When you promise one thing and then go back on your word - that will destroy trust. When you cheat on someone, or cheat them out of something? Yup... trust is gone. We are all guilty of either misplacing our trust, or of breaking our word to someone and putting a block on that trust - if not guilty of both.

I just wanted to share this with you all to encourage you to:

Trust wisely. Not everyone is worthy of it. Make them prove their integrity before placing your hope in them. Misplaced trust only leads to pain and heartache.

Hold dear those who truly place their trust in you. They will be the ones to lift you up, but once you break that trust, you may fall...don't wait until it is too late to realize that the person whose trust you broke is the one person you need. THINK before you risk shattering that "bridge of trust"

Don't do anything that would damage trust you have worked to build. Every action, every word, ends with a result. Make sure the actions you take, the words you speak, are going to get you to the end result you are hoping for.

Trust wisely!


  1. Beautifully-stated, Ashlee. Trust is indeed the foundation on which all relationships are built. When it crumbles, we lose a little of our humanity. Thanks for reminding us.

  2. So well put. Thanks for your honesty.

  3. So true, It can utterly change who you are because of someone's ability to break you down. It builds a wall that shouldn't be there and as much as you learn from it, it's a lonely place tearing down that wall slowly for someone else, if ever, maybe you only peek through it and others do not get the real you any longer because you are now afraid of the hurt. What you do to others can make and break them! Integrity and honesty is everything. xxo