Friday, October 14, 2016

We Are Great

Turning on the radio, TV, computer, whatever it is you listen to or watch, you really cannot do so without hearing about the Presidential Election for the US. And along with the election, we are hearing the nasty, awful things they say about one another or things they have said or done in the past. They really have gotten out of hand throughout the entire campaign season. From bringing up family members to all out name-calling, this election truly does lack professionalism and integrity.

Then you have the citizens of the country. There have been riots, protests, hate-filled debates on social media.

This election season has really shown a side of people that I never thought would have existed when remembering the way our country united after the 9-11 attacks fifteen years ago. Our country is showing its division in a way I don't ever remember seeing in my lifetime. This is a country full of diversity. That was always something we were taught made America great.

I am a mother. I have two kids, boys, who are so completely different from one another.

My oldest, 13, is a very athletic teen. He's into sports, debate, and on the National Junior Honor Society. He's an 'A' student in 8th grade and is a very analytical thinker. He is in all Honors classes. He is also a very generous, caring teen. He gives everyone time, he is patient with people, and has great goals for his future.

My youngest, soon to be 11, is in 5th grade. He's a high achiever who has a very creative mind. He thinks outside the box and knows there are more than one or two ways to reach the same conclusion. He is compassionate, loving, and would give anyone the shirt off his back if they needed it. He also has ASD. I say he has because we have taught him it doesn't have him.

They live in this house peacefully. There may be an argument here and there, but it is never violent.

I share this with everyone because I think it's great to remember that we can all live in the same world, same country, without needing to fight or cut each other down. We can have different talents and opinions without reacting negatively and turning on each other. We don't need to turn on each other for having a difference if opinion on topics. There are ways of communicating without resorting to violence and name calling.

Our country has always been great. It is time we remember that. Our children, the future of this country, are watching and listening. We need to teach them better than what they have been seeing lately. We need to teach them how to keep America as the great country it should be.

 Now, I share with you a recent piece of artwork my youngest painted.

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