Saturday, March 25, 2017

Book Boyfriends?

It has come to my attention that many women would prefer a book boyfriend to a real one. Somewhere along the lines of 60% or so. Pretty amazing, huh?

Makes you wonder what they got that "real men" don't. What are real men lacking that book boyfriends have? Is it that real men aren't as possessive as a book boyfriend? Maybe. Maybe not. I mean, if a real life guy told us what to wear, to whom we can speak, what to eat, purchased a company we worked at, etc. as a certain book boyfriend does we would probably tell him to take a hike, right?

 I am not going to ponder more on this topic. I am going to share part of a post I found helpful to those of you who are looking for a new book boyfriend - looking to improve or expand your fish pool.

For those of you who are not familiar with this author known as the "King of Lit Porn" or "Smutpunk" let me warn you that this erotica author does NOT sugarcoat his opinion. This man tells you exactly what he thinks, regardless of whether or not you like it. You either love him or you hate him. Me? I have had a debate with him a while ago, but that was because we were both passionate about our feelings on a specific topic, and our opinions were at opposite ends of the subject. I consider him a good friend.

Who is this guy? He is Moctezuma Johnson! I am almost positive you have heard of him if you have spent any time at all on social media hangouts where authors spend their time.

But, enough about who he is. Let me share with you some of his recent "Weekly Sex Tips" about how to score a book boyfriend. The below paragraphs are taken from his post titled...

"How to Score a Book Boyfriend In the Flesh

Three Cockish Tips to Get the Man of Your Dreams to Appear in front of your Eyes"

It has come to my attention that 60% of the women out there would prefer a book boyfriend to a real one. That’s an interesting fact. I started thinking about why I have fucked so many women and something occurred to me. I usually try to have a deep conversation with a woman who I am meeting for the first time. I want to meet ‘on the level.’ Usually, though, I find she’s not up to the task and then change gears to just trying to take advantage of her, which she is often game for. It’s almost like fucking is easier than talking. However, on the rare occasions when the two meet, you have a sizzling chemistry. I think that’s really what most of the women out there are looking for, the meeting of brains and brawn in one package. Well, from what I spy looking around, achieving that is a two-way street and, while men are sometimes to blame for dropping the ball, there are things you women can do better too. Here are three easy steps to finding a man as great as your ideal book boyfriend in the flesh: read, share, and eliminate the noise.
You need to read. The things is, when I look around FB most people are just reading the same old tired genre fiction. Yes, I look down on that (and, yes, I know there are exceptions). You need to expand your horizons and actually read stuff of merit. I write erotica. I know it’s crap. I can vouch for that (check the book shop here to verify). I’m not saying every erotica book isn’t worth reading. Many books are great. However, to feed the soul and become the kind of woman that a great man wants, takes a little more than reading a series of one wank wonders (as enjoyable as each may be). Read some philosophy, read some scientific treatises, read some literature. One of the reasons I am such a slow reviewer is that I read one erotica for every ten to fifteen other books I read. I like science (if you don’t know where to start, try Watson & Crick’s Double Helix, science-fiction (try Foundation by Isaac Asimov), and literature (try Cosmicomics by Italo Calvino) the most, but there’s a wide range of topics to read.
Next, to score yourself an amazing book boyfriend in the flesh, you’ll need to share posts (particularly my posts for maximum browning points). Share other writers, share what you love. Share good stuff. And cut out this inspirational bullshit (see B.A. Ro’lyin for what NOT TO DO, lol. Sorry, babe!). Being cute won’t get you jackshit in this life filled with assholes, backstabbers, and republicans. You need to be a hustler making moves. You need to actively employ that genius. You need firepower on the tongue and chili powder in the soul. If you prepare your brain-soul-loin connect properly, you don’t need some bullshit meme to tell you how to live or encourage you to keep doing what you already know. Not if you’re a smutpunk. And I know you’re a smutpunk, or why the fuck else would you be on this blog reading this shit? Right!? So get to it, share smutpunk and romance and all the good shit you love and build your network.
Last, cut the noise. Facebook is a good example of how there’s so much noise out there that seems okay that you may not even notice it is bad for you. There’s fake news, contradicting half-baked memes, religious quotes, romantic posts, and other complete mumbo jumbo. You scroll quickly through and think it isn’t infecting your brain, but it is. It’s a fucking virus. Beware! My advice, if you want to make a deep connection with a person that is rewarding mentally and physically, is shut the noise down and concentrate.
I’m not sure this really constitutes a sex tip. Maybe I have this in the wrong category. In fact, I’m not sure this is a tip at all. Maybe it’s a life hack. Maybe it’s a note to self to focus. I guess the point is that a book boyfriend (or girlfriend, of course) isn’t going to come to an undeveloped person. You need to cultivate what you are. Let me help...

You can read more of Moctezuma Johnson's

*(You can find Moctezuma using the tags "Weekly Sex Tips", "Smutpunk", & "LPRTG" in social media searches.)*

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