Sunday, April 30, 2017

How To Make An Interactive, Designed Tweet

I asked Moctezma Johnson, SMUTPUNK author, how to design an automated tweet. Or, at the very least, how to make a predesigned tweet, and he answered in an article/post on his website and gave me permission to share here with my readers. (Thanks, MJ!) 

So, read below if you are interested in such a thing. I know I was. (The below post was originally share on MJ's website. Click Moctezuma Johnson's SMUTPUNK Erotica to read original post.)


Learn how to make tweets work for you more!

Okay, Press Me to See what the fuck MJ is talking about, first.

Okay, so this mess ( can become a pretty, neat, pre-written tweet containing twitter handle and hashtags.
How, MJ, How? Well it’s simple if you know a little unicode. Now, I’m not going to explain the whole alphabet to you but you will notice a lot of %20s and %23s. Well, those are the basic pieces you need to code your own interactive designed tweet buttons.
  1. First, you start with this code:
  2. Next write your first word of the tweet flush against the “=” sign. (See my test tweet above)
  3. Then use “%20” for a a space.
  4. Now write a word and then %20 until you have the text of your tweet.
  5. Include an @twitter-handle (write your twitter handle here) so that you are notified each time somebody tweets
  6. I suggest you try to sneak this into the main sentence of your tweet, but that’s just so it looks neat
  7. Be sure to add a link to whatever it is that you want people tweeting about
  8. Add hashtags by inserting the code %23 before the tag you want.
    • Note: still use %20 to make sure you have a space or the hashtag won’t read and will be impotent.
  9. There are more codes but these are the basics to make an interactive tweet.
  10. When you’ve finished your code, insert it as the link url to any link. I usually use “Press This” but you can add it to any text.
    • Tag me in your first designed tweet so I can see my star pupil in action and start retweeting your success.

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  1. Has anybody read this post? It's really easy once you do it yourself, by the way. And feel free to contact me for a one-on-one "lesson" session.