A Bad Boy Romance Series

This series is a series of short stories anywhere from 3,000 words to 4,500 words each.

Her Seductive One Night Stand (A Bad Boy Romance, Book 1)
For those who are fans of Bad Boy Romance and steamy short stories...

He was gorgeous! And she was going to finally get a chance to go out with him...

She was beautiful! He had to have her.

Milania had only been working on the movie set for a short time, but it was long enough to develop an infatuation with Bad Boy player, Clayton. He was tall, handsome, and had the most amazing voice. He could melt the panties off a snow angel. If only she could overcome her shyness and gain the courage to speak to him. Sometimes a submissive nature has its downfalls.

Clayton had watched Milania every day since she started working on the set. She was absolutely beautiful! Tall, slender, brunette - just his type: Hot! He wanted her, and like the bad boy he was, he was going to take her out and show her a good time.

What followed was a delicious dinner, teasing dessert, and a steamy encounter that they both hoped would be more than just a one night stand...

But Clayton has one little secret... and Milania was in for a surprise come morning.

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His Wicked One Night Stand (A Bad Boy Romance, Book 2)

Bad boy Dax is sick of school and so over the stress of his college classes (not to mention his pain in the behind Philosophy teacher). He decides to head out for the night with his buddies. There is a shy one, Dan. Then the outgoing one, Marcus. And Dax is the bad boy of the group. He isn't one to be tied down to one person, and he enjoys his freedom and playing the field.

When he gets to the club, he immediately makes a connection with a hot girl there with her friends. After she approaches him, he leads her out on the dance floor for some cardio exercise. One thing leads to another and he finds himself back at her place.

After a night of fun, it is time to say goodbye. But... there is one tiny little thing he discovers before his abrupt departure.

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Their Sensual One Night Stand (A Bad Boy Romance, Book 3)

Chelsea has a loving, dedicated husband, Dmitry. He is a gorgeous bad boy, attentive, and willing to do just about anything to make all her dreams, and fantasies, come true.

For months she has been talking to him about one fantasy in particular - of being with two men at once. The second man? Her husband's best friend, and fellow bad boy, James.

James is tall, gorgeous, and a man she would love the chance to be with, if only for one night, with her husband.

So, as a special treat for her birthday, her husband and James decide to make her dream - fantasy - a reality.

One night only...

Two Bad Boys...

All attention on her.

Talk about a birthday to remember!

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Their Naughty One Night Stand (A Bad Boy Romance, Book 4)

Sean and Ronan - best buddies. Both bad boys, good-looking - players - never lacking for female attention.

Every Friday night they meet up at their favorite bar, scope out the chicks, and decide who they were each taking home. Some Fridays they got lucky and each found a girl, some Fridays they shared one, but every Friday they played the game.

The game where they hook up with and then rate the girls to determine who hooked up with the best one. What else do two bored bad boys do?

Until this Friday, when everything changed. This Friday they meet Candace. She is gorgeous, outgoing, and definitely one to take control. And this chick is willing to take them both on, and show them how the game is played.

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One Night Stand – The Complete Collection (A Bad Boy Romance, Books 1-4)

Love one night stands and hot bad boys pleasing their women? Don’t want to buy each one individually, but would rather have them all in one take? Check out this book containing all four books in this bad boy romance collection of one night stands.

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