A Night With Exotic

Mike sat at one of the front tables, the music pulsating through his body and a drink in his hand, and watched the goddess on stage. pole

She went by the name Exotic and it fully embodied her; the way she moved and danced on that stage took him to a deserted island where he mimicked that dance with her body.

She made eye contact with him as she worked her body up and down on that pole, making love to it as if it were the lover she had been waiting for all her life. Her legs wrapped around it as she lowered her head backward until she was fully upside down and vertical. He loved watching her body as she performed.

He came here every weekend just for her: Exotic.

She was every man’s fantasy; tall, slender, toned, and she knew how to work her flexible body to bring any man hours of pleasure.

She ended her performance laying flat on her back with her back arched and her perfect curves on display.

She exited the stage to a full round of applause and made her way to his table.

“Hey there, Mikey,” she said and pulled his face between the two beautiful mounds on her chest as was her usual way of greeting him when he was here.

“Hey there yourself, Gorgeous!” He replied. “Another hot show,” he said as she took his drink from him and drank it down.

“I’m glad you enjoyed another show, handsome. Are you up for some fun now?” She asked him.

“Hell yes!” He said and stood up, grabbed her hand, and headed to the bathrooms.

“I hope you don’t mind, Exotic, but that show did a number on my libido and I need a little of your attention. Right. Now.”

“Now, do I ever mind, Mikey?” She laughed as they reached the bathroom. He locked the door behind them after making sure it was empty and then pushed her up against the door, grinding his hard cock into her abdomen.

She reached her hand between their bodies and palmed his hardness causing him to groan loudly in her neck as he kissed his way up to her luscious lips.

She pushed him back and smiled seductively as she lowered herself to the floor, kneeling before him and freed his shaft.

“Oh, someone is very happy to see me again,” she said as she went to work, licking and sucking him as if he were a lollipop.

“God yes, baby!” He moaned as he began to pump in and out of her hot, wet mouth.

She wrapped her hands around the base of his throbbing cock, twisting them and sliding them up and down with her mouth, bringing added pleasure to what her mouth had already begun.

He was so worked up from her performance on stage that it didn’t take long before he was ready to shoot his load into her gorgeous mouth.

“Shit! I am going to cum, baby,” he said and released the first shot came with full force, almost knocking him over with its intensity.

She opened her mouth to receive her gift for her work, and he rewarded her with another shot of his cum. She took it all and swallowed it eagerly before licking him dry.

“Damn, Exotic. What was one hell of a blow job; your turn now baby. Get your sexy ass over to the sink.”

He watched her saunter over to where he ordered her and he marveled at the perfection of her body, every single curve. Yes, many of his dreams featured this woman right here.

“How do you want me, sir?” She asked him.

“Bend over that sink. After I taste you I want you to watch as I fuck you.”

She slowly leaned over the sink and he knelt behind her, anxious to finally taste her sweetness. He could smell her arousal and see her juices coating her inner thighs. He licked the nectar from her legs before diving in, suckling at her pussy and then inserting a finger as his mouth worked on her clit. She was hot, wet, and tight, just the way he loved it.

He sucked and licked as her juices continued to flow. She ground her pussy into his face and moaned her pleasure as he worked to bring her to her first orgasm of the night.

“God, Mikey! That feels…so…amazing,” she panted out breathlessly.

Hell yeah it was amazing.

He felt her pussy begin to pulse and knew that her climax was coming. He began to massage her g-spot and she responded with the first squirt of her orgasm. He drank the juices as they poured out, relishing the taste of her sweet honey.

When her convulsions eased he stood up and placed his tip near her waiting entrance.

“Ready for me, Exotic?” he teased by pushing in slightly.

She made eye contact with him and answered, “Hell yes, I am ready. Give it to me!”

And he did just that, slamming into her and pushing her forward toward the mirror. She placed her palms on the mirror for support as she pushed back matching his impatience and hunger.

He reached a hand around and stroked her clit, making her moist pussy even wetter as he thrust faster and harder into her and forcing a grunt from her in reply. They were animalistic in this mating.

Her tight walls squeezed his clock and brought immense excitement to his member. The pulsating became stronger letting him know that her next climax was near.

“Come…with…me…baby,” he said as he slammed hard into her with each word.

“God, yessss…” she moaned as she joined him in the fall over the edge as their climaxes hit with full force. He slowed his movements as they collapsed over the sink.

Once the tremors subsided and they could breathe enough to speak she asked him, “So, where are the kids?”

“With your mom; tonight you are all mine.”

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  1. I have always been a big fan of two things: married people sex & quickies in the bathroom. Behold! The two wonders combined in one well-written contemporary erotica short story by Ashlee Shades. I'm very glad she swallowed, btw. That's a good married woman. Why is this free on your site? Why don't you combine your short stories into a book that you put up for sale?