Ashlee Shades

Ashlee Shades is a Contemporary Romance author.

Ashlee enjoys writing sensual and hot romance stories featuring alpha bad boys (who doesn't love a bad boy taking control?), role play scenarios, and revenge.

Ashlee enjoys spending her days either reading when she's not writing...or hanging out on social media. What an addiction, right?! Her reading and writing genre of choice is steamy romance. Who wouldn't love to escape reality within the pages of a romance book that has a touch of spice? 

Ashlee's goal is to give the reader a sensually, romantic journey as they read her books, and to hopefully inspire them to add a little spice to their life. Her readers have referred to her stories as "hot", "sensual", and a "must read".

She loves connecting with readers (reading their thoughts, opinions, and suggestions - both good and bad, have helped her grow and learn as a writer) and supporting fellow authors.

She shares a big part of herself in her writing, both in her stories but also with her ramblings here on her blog. She may write naughty or seductive stories, but Ashlee is sensitive and loves to find the beauty that is in the world. She hopes to encourage others to not only find the beauty in the world around them, but to also in who they are. It is her goal to help each and every person to believe in themselves.

Ashlee is great friends with R.B. O'Brien, Tori Dean, and Mystk Knight, her fellow co-founders and administrators of the highly interactive and supportive Facebook group, The Nu Romantics. It is the goal of the members of the group to redefine the definition of "Romantic" and to challenge every person to grow in knowledge and skill in the written word.

Ashlee's Social Media Links:
Twitter: (@ashlee_shades)
Instagram: (@ashleeshades)

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