Interview With The Ardent Rose

Several months ago I came across a very sweet person on Twitter. Her name? The Ardent Rose.

"Rose" as she is known to many, is one of the most supportive and encouraging people you will ever meet. She is an Erotic Romance Indie author who loves people, making friends, sharing her naughty stories, and making jewelry...among the other many things she enjoys.

Not long ago, Rose joined the Wicked Pen Writers, an exclusive group of talented writers of various genres who are all featured on the website: 

Since joining the group, Rose has proven herself to be very supportive, and creatively talented when it comes to a hew hobby: graphics! I have enjoyed getting to know Rose more, and when I decided to begin featuring interviews here on my blog, I couldn't help but to ask her if she would honor me by answering some questions.

Now, Rose's stories are filled with naughtiness, passion, and love - true erotic romance stories. She is currently working on an incredible mermaid fantasy (Greek Mythology), and I cannot wait to get the chance to read that.

Rose's popular short stories featuring a naughty doctor, which began as one short story for Mr. Blackthorne's site, has turned into a series of shorts she has published. They are hot, steamy, and took her a tad out of her comfort zone with a few scenes.

Rose has also published a highly popular series known as the DGW series. (Dillon Greywolfe Bounty Hunter). Each story finds bounty hunter, Dillon Greywolfe, coming to the rescue of damsels in distress. He provides healing of the most erotic kind.

Rose has several other books, which I encourage you to check out after reading her interview below:

The Interview

Thank you, Ardent Rose, for taking the time to answer these questions. My pleasure Ashlee…

Question 1:  At what point in your life did you make the decision to become an author? 

About six years ago, my husband and I had closed my bead store and were talking about what was next. We had decide because of his declining health to downsize and move to another town. I started writing snippets and short stories, pretty soon I met a friend who asked me to write some stories for him. He loved them, I published them on Tumblr.

Later on, I started chatting with Johnjohn and before long we were writing back and forth to each other poems and such. Pretty soon Louisiana Lovers was born in chapters published also on Tumblr.
A little over a year ago, I was injured at work and have been unable to return, so I turned to writing and things have snowballed into the mess that’s me today.

Question 2: Authors find inspiration in many things. What are some things that inspire you to write the books you write…and we love?

I find my inspiration from the people I meet. Peter is an executive who wears a tie.  John lives in Louisiana and has performed in a band, etc. … My mind takes on elements of conversations, job descriptions type of dress, dreams. Then I  expand the concept into a story, with naughty bits… 

Question 3: What is it about your genre that intrigues you the most? What is it that made you choose this specific genre?

 I chose this genre because it was what I like to read. The genre has many areas to focus on and nothing is off limits if you want to write about it.  It’s all about the fantasy, rich men, perfect bodies, exotic locals, lust and love or suspense and thrillers… I have discovered many ideas that I never knew existed.  Smutpunk was the most eye opening, gotta love MJ!

Question 4: When you are not writing, what could we find Ardent Rose doing in her spare time?

When I am not writing, I am usually reading. I am trying to read only Indie authors and write reviews. Through author events, I have met so many great authors that seemingly few know about: Lucas Black, Patrick Khayler, Christina Gallo, Scarlett Knight, and of course RB O’Brien. I never finish a book without leaving an honest review.
I also love beads and charms.  I have made jewelry in the past. When it came time to make swag, why not use my resources and make my own things to give away. They have been well received, I might add.  I have been thinking of opening an Etsy store to show off my ribbon bookmarks, angel earrings and several different bracelets.

Question 5: If you could tell us one thing about Ardent Rose, what would it be? What would you like your readers and fans to know?

I wear my emotions on my sleeve. I feel deeply and trust quickly. My reader’s opinions make a difference to me. I want to know if they like or don’t like something I’ve written. Unfortunately, the only way I know is if they leave me a review or send me an email, and I am welcome to both. 

Question 6: Many of us know Ardent Rose on Twitter and Facebook. Where else can we find Ardent Rose?

I have the honor of being one of Mr. Blackthorne's Wicked Pen Writers. My work and my books are also seen on his webite

Excerpts and Stories:
Twitter: @RoseArdent
Instagram: the_ardentrose
Amazon: roseardent
Facebook: Ardent Rose

Thank you, Rose, for taking the time to answer my questions.
Thank you sweetheart, it was a pleasure to answer your questions… 

If you would like more information about Ardent Rose's books, please visit her Amazon page.
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