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This page will be dedicated to sharing the links to those I have come across on social media who have freely offered their advice on various areas of publishing.

The first person I would like to mention is Ms. Callie Press. Callie is known as the "Queen of SMUTPunk". She writes erotica but has experience in many other aspects of writing, editing, and publishing. She shares her advice and wisdom on her website. Take a moment to follow her and read up on the assistance she offers to authors.

Callie Press
Twitter: @calliepress (

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Mr. James has been writing and publishing erotica for a few years now, and he has been in the top 10 on the erotica authors list for much of that time, so he knows what he is talking about when it comes to writing, editing, creating covers, and publishing. He is one creative person with a lot of talent to match it.

He has written and posted over a dozen blog posts on the topic of self-publishing that I have found quite helpful, and not just for erotica, either. His advice is handy for many genres.

Reed James
Twitter: @NLPublications (
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