Interview With Tori Dean

 I "met" Tori Dean over a year ago on Twitter. We met through Mr. Blackthorne, when we were both featured on his website and added to his support group DM. 

Since that time I have come to know Tori and, if you are anyone, you will know that to know Tori is to love her. She is a fun, energetic, and generous person who is always there for everyone and is the life of any and every party.

When I found out she had a new release coming I asked her if she would be willing to allow me to interview her. With the busy holiday season, her full-time job, family responsibilities, and the upcoming new release, I am even more grateful that she accepted.

Read below for the interview, plus a teaser for her new release. (Which I have read and will soon be leaving my review. Definitely a 5*  must read!)

Thank you, Tori, for taking the time to answer these questions. I know time is precious, so I appreciate it.

Question 1.) Just an off the wall question: Where does the name ‘Tori Dean’ come from? Is it your real name? If not, how did you choose it?

Wellllll…..If I tell ya, then Id have to kill ya! LOL..I’m kidding. You know I love ya. Anyway, Tori comes from Tori Spelling and Dean comes from James Dean. I thought the name was sexy, confident and yet a bit classy.

Question 2.) If you could date any one of your leading men from one of your books, who would it be and why?

Oh no, don’t make me choose....tough tough decision. But If I have to choose, I will in hopes the other guys don’t hate me.

In my current books that have been published would have to be Ben Jonson in Dreaming of You series. He is British and a gentleman. He wants to make everything fun and perfect and he enjoys life. Willing to make you happy at all cost. He is what you could classify as an All American Boy.

Question 3.) When you aren’t working your fingers to the bone penning the next wonderful tale for us to read, what could you be found doing?

Reading, cleaning, working at my full time job. I’m pretty boring as I don’t get out to enjoy much of life. My friends never have time to go out. Its sad really.

Question 4.) What inspires you to write? What inspires you in life in general?

Music is a huge inspiration as sometimes the beat or the lyrics have a way to reach my soul. Or when I see a picture that speaks to me, I then go from there. Like, for instance. I saw this pic of a Black Panther and it literally wrote my fantasy story that I am hoping to release in 2017, called Thy Kingdom Come. Stay tuned for that one.

Question 5.) You have quite a collection of books out there. Can (and will) you tell us what is coming up next for Tori Dean?

I have lots in the works. I cannot reveal all of them yet (except the one I mentioned above), but if you attend any of the WPW events that we have planned throughout the year, you will hear more about them. I have revealed a teaser to my upcoming sport series (no release date yet, so stay tuned). Then I have Elixir that I would like to release in May if I can get it finished. I want to shoot for 6 books but time will tell.

Question 6.) Besides Facebook and Twitter, where can your fans and readers find you on social media?

Mr. Blackthorne Excerpts:
Amazon: Tori Dean
Twitter: @ToriDean_247
Instagram: @AuthorToriDean

Tori Dean has a new release out now. Forbidden Genie is available on Amazon for only $0.99 HERE!

More about Forbidden Genie:

Princess Isabella is set to marry Prince Michael in an arranged marriage by her parents. Rules are rules in their Kingdom. Every princess in line must marry a prince, regardless of love. Even being a genie, you cannot change the rules.
But Isabella yearns for love. How will she survive the wedding or married life with a man she doesn’t love?

Little does she know that one of her sisters wants to break the rules for her and have Isabella removed by locking her up in her lantern and casting her out into the sea.
Once Isabella realizes what is going on, she is ecstatic and ends up in Nantucket where she meets Edward Scott and falls in love with him.

Except, her family tracks her down and brings her back home to proceed with the marriage. Isabella tries everything in her power to get out of the marriage, including seeking council with the Great Genie Ali, who advises her that rules are rules.

Feeling despaired, how will she find her happiness in a loveless marriage with love for another residing deep within her heart?

 A whine, followed by a bark, takes me out of my thoughts. I look over at my yellow lab named Booboo, who is staring out into the Atlantic Ocean as the wind picks up and clouds start rolling in. A storm is brewing on the horizon, and I need to get things secured down.


  1. What fun! An interview by and with two of my favorite people. You're a busy woman, Tori, and I hope to catch up on your books in the New Year. Well done. Love you, ladies.

  2. Thank you Ashlee for the spotlight. I am grateful for everyone's friendship and hope by now they know I dont bite..wel not hard anyway. thanks for your friendship and you taking the time to help me out. Love ya and big hugs

    1. It is absolutely my pleasure to feature you here, Tori! Thank YOU for taking the time to answer my questions.

      Love and hugs to you, too, hun. <3

  3. Great job, ladies! Tori Spelling? Noooooo! LOL. And which James Dean? ;) Love getting to know my fellow authors even more.

    1. It is fun learning little things about our friends and fellow authors. I love it. <3