Blood Ties Series

Brielle (Blood Ties, Book 1)

"They were looking at her as if she was their meal and they hadn't eaten in days. She was the prey, they were the predators, and she loved the excitement she felt deep inside..."

Brielle enjoyed her life as a young woman with close friends and a strong bond with her parents. Everything is perfect...

Cole was just fine, living his life as a highly sought after bachelor. He worked hard and played harder...never showing his emotional side...

Max was living the life. Youngest partner in his law firm, he never lacked for female companionship. People could depend on him. He was tall, strong, and well connected. Life couldn't get better...

Then, one night, it all changes.

A spell, cast years before, is finally set into motion, and no one will ever be the same again.

A long kept family secret is revealed.

Bonds are formed.

But are those bonds, and blood ties, enough to save Brielle when she falls prey to a rival pack, set upon revenge, and willing to do anything it takes to gain control and power?

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