Club Darker Series

The Test (Club Darker, Book 1)

Tabitha Shaw: Young, beautiful, and always used to being in control, at all times, of every situation.

Master Andrews: Powerful, handsome, in-charge at all times. No woman touches him.

Tabitha falls in lust with Master Andrews in just one look and devises a plan to make him hers. After receiving a lower than expected score on an entrance test for employment in his club, Tabitha uses every trick at her disposal to make him fall under her spell and give her a better score. There is a position in his club she desires, and she is determined to get it.

What she didn't plan on was Master Andrews being just as stubborn, in charge and in control as she is.

Master Andrews lets her play her little games when she meets him in his office, but he quickly puts her in her place. She is beautiful, yes, but she knows it. And she flaunts it. That is a behavior that will not be accepted in his club... if she gets in. Club Darker is an elite club that provides anonymity to its clients while catering to their darkest desires, and he only allows the best of the best to work and perform there. Ms. Shaw and her independence/stubbornness are a challenge and one he will gladly rise to. He hasn't met a woman yet that he can't train, and she will not be the first.

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