Interview With Emily Foxx

I came across Emily some time last year, before I transitioned from my previous pen name to the name I use now: Ashlee Shades.
At the time, Emily was blogging a wonderful erotic romance story on her blog, and I enjoyed reading it. She was also one of the most supportive people I have come across. She is such a sweet soul, with a generous and humble heart.

Imagine my excitement for her when she announced that she was turning her blogged story into a published novella! That is an amazing task. I was humbled, myself, when this beautiful person asked me if I would partake in her release party on FB. Of course I jumped at the opportunity. But, I had one favor to ask of her: to answer interview questions.

She, to my happiness, agreed to take the time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions that I hope will give you all a glimpse into how awesome this author is.

So, without further ado - here is the interview!

First, thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions. I know time is valuable, especially when you are getting ready for a book launch, so I truly do appreciate you answering these.

Thank you Ashlee. I appreciate you taking the time to put this interview together.

Question 1: As writers, or authors, we all approach a time in our life where everything clicks and we realize that we should be doing something with our work. When was that time for you?

I love to read books and never thought I would become a writer. Last year, I was approached to write stories in a role-play on Twitter. I realized then, I loved to write stories. I branched out and started blogging my own story in November 2015. I felt accomplished in writing my own story and that's when I made a decision to become an author.

Question 2: When writing, is there ever a moment when you hit a writer’s block and lack inspiration? If so, what do you do to help yourself get past that?

When I was blogging, I hit a writer’s block and took a break for a week to gather my thoughts. It helped me refocus.

Question 3: What is it about the genre you write in that intrigues you the most? What made you choose this genre?

In the past I read romance, sci-fi and suspense novels.  Last year, I began reading erotica, particularly BDSM romance stories. The dark male characters in the stories captivated me.  I would love to see more of dark female characters in erotic romance stories. My erotic stories reflect my love for this genre.

Question 4: Each of us finds inspiration in different things. I find inspiration in art and music. Where do you find your inspiration?

First my husband is my inspiration and my biggest supporter. My writing inspiration comes from music.

Question 5: When you are not writing, what can readers and fans find you doing?

I devote my spare time with my husband and three children. I loved to read, and watch tv and movies when I am not busy.    

Question 6: If your fans or readers want to find you online, where can they do that?

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