Interview With Grace Quillen

I recently had the honor of sitting down to interview Ms. Grace Quillen, erotica/erotic romance author. (Okay, maybe we didn't sit down together, but I am pretty sure I was sitting when I wrote the questions and she was sitting when she answered them, lol).

I have known Grace for a while now, both on Twitter and on Facebook. She is a brilliant author with a hilarious personality and fun mind. I am pretty sure she would be a blast to hang out with in "real life".

I originally "met" Grace when she joined the group "Wicked Pen Writers" (a.k.a. WPWs) - a group of talented writers who are featured on Mr. Blackthorne's website,

When I heard she had a new release out I asked her if she would be willing to answer a few questions for me to give you all a chance to get to know her. She humbly accepted and was quick to answer the questions I sent. 

And now, without further adieu, here is the interview:

Thank you so much, Grace, for taking the time to answer these questions. I know time is valuable, especially when you are prepping for a release, so I truly do appreciate your time.

Question 1: Was there something you dreamed of being, or doing, besides a writer? Have you done that, or do you plan to do it if you haven’t yet?
I dreamed of being a mother since I was eight years old. And yes, I’ve done that three times over. Best job EVAH!

Question 2: When you are not writing, what can your fans and readers find you doing (in that much desired “spare” time)?
We do this thing called Radical Unschooling with our kids, so there’s a LOT of togetherness time. Otherwise, I’m hanging with my bestie, reading, hiking, cooking, or thinking naughty thoughts.

Question 3: As a writer myself, I know there are so many stories that flash through the mind. There are many that have been started and abandoned, and others that are written but may never be published. Are there any stories you have, either written or in your mind, that may never make it to the publishing stage?
I’m sure there are. I had an idea for a trilogy set in a B&B. I was even going to incorporate the inspiration of my long-standing crush on John Taylor, the bassist for Duran Duran. Alas, it never moved beyond the brainstorm stages.

Question 4: What motivates you, or inspires you to write the stories you write? Which book of yours is your favorite and what was the motivation/inspiration for that particular story?
My relationships and those of people I know. I first started writing and publishing because of a run-in with an old high school friend that turned my whole head upside down. I think every book I just finished is my favorite, but I must say I have a soft spot for Choosing Joy. It was an emotional book to write, and the character Joy is about as close as I could get to my real thoughts.

Question 5: At the time of this interview you have a new release that is available for preorder. Can you briefly share what the story is about?
Sure! It’s part of my Fantasy & Fidelity series, which explores the ways that marriage can inhibit or free us, especially sexually. In this book Libby and her husband Brant are in a sluggish spell, him focused almost exclusively on his work to the detriment of their relationship and her feeling lonely and unappreciated. They go on a trip to Florida, one Libby hopes will rekindle their romance, and instead she’s singled out by her colleague Zander as an easy mark for seduction. Libby has to decide what’s most important: filling the emptiness, or repairing her marriage? 

(As of the time of this post, the book has been released and is available to purchase HERE)

Question 6: Besides Twitter and Facebook, where can your fans and readers find you on Social Media?
Those are my most active places, but I’m also on Instagram, Google+, Goodreads, and Tumblr. And don’t forget my website,, where you can get a free erotic short just by signing up for my rarer-than-a-basselope newsletter!
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Twitter: @GraceQuillen

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  1. Wonderful job, you two! Best wishes, Grace, on the success of your book!