Interview With Lilah E. Noir

Lilah E. Noir is one of the sweetest people I have come across on Social Media. She is a tremendous support to those she considers friends... well, she is a huge supporter of so many, friends or not. 

She is also an amazingly talented woman when it comes to writing and graphic design. She has created some of the most beautiful book covers and promo graphics I have seen. (If you are ever in the market for one, she would be the one to go to.)

I have known Lilah for close to a year now, since we both joined the group known as the Wicked Pen Writers - a group of writers, Indie or traditionally published, who were brought together by Mr. Blackthorne and featured on his website, Lilah has a gift with the words, delving deep into her characters' psyche and bringing their story to life. She has also gone above and beyond when it comes to offering her assistance and help in my journey into writing and publishing, so when she was launching her debut novel, Unorthodox Therapy, I couldn't help but to ask if she would be willing to allow me to interview her. She, being the wonderful person she is, took time from her busy schedule and answered some questions. I will share the answers with you below.

Thank you, Lilah, for taking the time to answer these questions. I know you are busy with the launch party coming up, so I appreciate your time.

Hello Ashlee and thank you so much for taking the time to interview me. It’s always a pleasure to talk to another writer, especially one as talented, sweet and supportive as you, albeit virtually. Now, to the questions.

Question 1: Your books are fabulous! You have a gift for delving into the darker parts of BDSM, and taboo encounters. What is it about those stories that fascinates you enough to write about them?

I’ve always been attracted to the darker side of human psyche and the tales of terror, madness, pain and psychological distress. I guess I can blame it all on the fairy tales, like I said in another interview. Or Stephen King. Or any other dark and gothic author I’ve ever encountered over the years. However, I think that this is just how my brain and personality are attuned. I like my food as spicy as it gets and I always swim deep into the ocean until I lose the horizon.
That is how I feel when I am writing a tale of BDSM erotic romance. While I never write non-consensual stories my plots are dark enough to scare those with delicate sensibilities but I never write more hardcore scenes for the sake of the shock value. BDSM erotica is an immense world that offers so many possibilities of story telling, plots and character development. So I feel the pull to get deeper and see what it is out there beyond silk scarves and light spanking.
Sensuality is also important for me, as well as the connection between characters, the after care and union one intense experience can give them. So, perhaps what ultimately motivates me is the marriage between pain and pleasure, rough and tender, torture and caress, domination and love, darkness and light. (Whooops, too many comparisons.) I believe that when used appropriately the ending result can be beautiful. Or terrifying. Or both.

Question 2:  Is there a character of yours that you relate to? Is there one you would like to be more like?

Sometimes I give my characters personal traits of mine, though usually they are entirely born out of my fruitful imagination. I relate to all my submissive heroines and the struggle they have to go through to make peace with their desires, regardless of society and the party they’re supposed to play. I would like to get better at reading people and knowing more of their nature, desires, weaknesses and possible stories. So I guess I’d like to be more like my dommes, such as Kitty from Stroker Ace and Allie/Mistress Shiela from Unorthodox Therapy. The latest one is too awesome to be playing only a secondary character so she’d get a book of her own after I am done with the Unorthodox trilogy.

Question 3: When was it you decided to publish your writing, and why then?

I was taking part in an anthology named Summer songs, edited and collected by the erotica author Sandy Monroe. Plenty of the other authors had well established social media presence and I decided it wouldn’t hurt to come up with an official pen name, set up a few social media accounts such as those on Facebook and Twitter. I had some vague plans of trying self-publishing but I used to feel safer posting my stories on free sites such as Literotica or Lush stories. That is how I got in touch with Mr. Blackthorne and his wonderful group of writers where I met you and so many other talented ladies. I wasn’t really sure what to do about my writing and how serious I should get. But being among other writers who had actual experienced inspired me to give it a try. It’s been one endless adventure ever since and I’m very happy I took a leap of faith.

Question 4: When it comes to your writing career, is there anything you wish you would have done differently? (i.e. write a scene differently, gone into more detail, eliminated a scene)

The beauty of self-publishing is that we can easily take care of such past sins by uploading a new manuscript. Well, someone out there will always have an earlier, less perfect copy of those books I edited additionally and uploaded again, mostly due to grammar errors and need to smooth the rough edges. But I’d rather not focus too much on that.
To your question… perhaps I would have extended Stroker Ace a bit more. Back then while I was writing it I was intending to pack as much as possible within only one night. If I were writing the story today, maybe I would have added a few more days. Mistress Kitty would spend extra time with the married couple to train them.
I haven’t planned a sequel to that novella yet but maybe some day I will. 
Question 5: The Social Media world knows you as a talented writer with an imagination leaning toward the darker side of BDSM, and for your amazing graphics. When you are not creating these wicked tales and beautiful images, what can we find Lilah Noir doing?

Lately that is all I have been doing, either making graphics, writing, educating myself on different tools and social media that I could use, reading books by fellow writers. My life has been all about self-publishing and writing career. But when I am out of my obsessive mood I love long walks, swimming, working out at the gym. I adore travelling and meeting new people. I love going to concerts, cultural events, visiting interesting spots. I used to have a Japanese level of obsession with photographing every minute of my journey. You could also find me in a quiet, little bar, sharing a glass of wine or beer with friends.
I really hope someday I’d be successful enough (through creative writing or some other way) so I’d afford to travel more and meet all those friends I had made at my self-publishing venture.

Question 6: Aside from Twitter and Facebook, where can your fans and readers find you?

They can visit my blog at where I publish the latest news of my releases, free shorts and make spotlights of other authors. I’m currently working on my official website that still needs a lot more work.

I also have a mailing list and I’m planning to send regular newsletters –

Those who have interest in my graphic design and cover may visit my Pinterest page –

Thank you so much for having me, Ashlee, I enjoyed your questions a great deal. I look forward to partying with you tonight, at the official book launch of Unorthodox Therapy. (Thank YOU, Lilah, for taking the time to answer these questions. I truly appreciate it.)

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Twitter: @lilahenoir
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