Jill Shannon

I met Jill initially on Facebook. She is a sweet lady and has recently joined the Wicked Pen Writers on Mr. Blackthorne's website.

I wanted to welcome Jill to the group and get to know her better. I thought a great way to do that was to get to know her better by interviewing her. She graciously agreed to answer my questions. (Be sure to read below for a brief description of her most recent book release, 'Black Diamond')

The Interview

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions. I know how valuable time is so I appreciate you doing this.

Question 1.) What inspired you to start writing the stories you write? Is there a common theme among them? Are there any outside influences that affect your story?

I love to read, but I started to read the same story line over and over. I had surgery on my leg and figured it was the perfect time to start writing my own book. When I went on my first cruise, I knew going forward if I had a choice of vacation it would always be a cruise. So, when you ask what inspired my Midnight Oasis series I would have to say a cruise ship. I thought the concept of an entire BDSM ship (well Mega yacht.) would be unique and different. As far as a theme, I like sports so I have some kind of sport involved in all of book. They say you should write about what you know; sports are easy for me.

Questions 2.) Out of all your characters, who would be your favorite and why?

I think my favorite characters would have to be Sadie and Cameron. They were my first HEA couple and their story was all I could think about until I could get back to my computer to write it.

Question 3.) What can your fans and readers find you doing when you aren’t writing?

When I’m not writing, I have me time and I have family time. My time is spent reading, listening to music or watching a lot of sports. While working out I watch the shows or movies I have recorded on my DVR. When it’s family time it’s all about the grandchildren I have three and enjoy every minute I get to spend with them. I have a very close family and they have supported my writing from day one.

Question 4.) Is there anything about your currently published book(s) that you would change if given the chance?

You ask if there is anything I would change in any of my books, initially I would have said yes and gone on to tell you what I would have changed. However, if I made that change it would affect how my story played out in each book. So no, I like them just the way they are.

Question 5.) What can your fans/readers look forward to from you in the coming year?

What can my readers look forward to, I have also started a new book where the Mafia will be going up against a motorcycle club, set in Myrtle Beach S.C. This will enable me to go either way with a motorcycle club or with a Mafia theme if I decide to turn it into a series. Also, I have recently become one of Mr.B’s Wicked Pen Writers and will be submitting short stories to be viewed on Mr. Blackthorne’s website.

Question 6.) Besides Twitter or Facebook, where can your fans and readers find you on social media?

My social media is limited right now to Facebook and Twitter. When I started writing it was a hobby, I never imagined I would be making a career of it. I submitted my first book on a challenge, never thinking it would be accepted. I am very new to the writing world and still learning what I need to do in order to further my career. It can be a little overwhelming at times, but I’m trying. (Note from Ashlee: I found Jill's links and you can find them at the end of the book description below.)

           Dulcinea Bedford's mom's last words to her were "live the adventures we always dreamed about." Well, that was what she was going to do. Boarding the newest BDSM ship Black Diamond of the Midnight Oasis Cruise Line was the first step into her world of adventure.
          Jackson Blackhawk a native American Indian had seen Dulcinea in the streets of New York. Knowing the odds of finding her again were nearly impossible didn't stop him from wanting her. However, when he sees her boarding the Black Diamond, he knows fate has played a role in bringing them together.
          Dulcinea being new to the BDSM lifestyle only confirms Jackson's determination to be her only Master. Until Samuel Romanoff enters the picture and a whole new adventure unexpectedly begins for Dulcinea. 

Join the crew of the Midnight Oasis Cruise Line on their last journey into a world of decadence, intrigue, and love.  Release Date: February 1, 2017  (Buy HERE)

Where to find Jill Shannon 

Amazon Author Page: Jill Shannon
Blushing Books: Jill Shannon
Twitter: @JillCShannon

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