Joy Ride

She was driving him nuts and knew it; that’s one of the things he loved best about her, she knew how to have fun.

He tried his hardest to concentrate on the road ahead but it was difficult when she was next to him fondling her breasts and spreading her legs, revealing her shaven pussy under her skirt.

“You know you’re killing me here,” he said as he tried to control his lust.

“You know that’s my goal,” she teased back, turning in her seat to offer him a better view.

Damn! How much could a man take when a hot as fuck chick was displaying all her treasures?

She bit the side of her finger and moaned as her free hand trailed down the center of her cleavage making its way to that sweet spot between her legs.

Son of a bitch! The little noises she was making were only adding to his torment. He was already harder than he had ever been and those sounds of hers were enough to make him burst.

He shifted uncomfortably in his seat and attempted to refocus on the road, but the little vixen next to him wasn’t ready to give up just yet. She reached over and began rubbing his erection through his jeans.

“Chloe,” he warned.

“Yes, Max?” she asked innocently.

“Do you want to get to dinner in one piece or not?” he asked her.

“Hmmm,” she said and kept rubbing him.

“I’m warning you, Chloe. You’d better stop.”

“Or what, are you going to punish me, Max?” she asked him and proceeded to lean toward him and press her breasts into his arm.

That’s it. He did what any reasonably sane man would do in his situation – he pulled over in an alley off the main road and parked. If she wanted a punishment then his little kitten was going to get one.

“Clothes off; now,” he ordered. She looked up at him with a mix of hunger and excitement in her eyes. He knew what she needed; what she wanted. Hell, he needed and wanted it too.

When she was stripped bare next to him he ordered her to turn around on her knees with her hands against the window.

“You thought it would be funny to tease me while I was driving, kitten?” He asked and punctuated the words with a few, firm smacks on her tight ass. She squealed and pushed her ass back toward him.

“I asked you a question, Chloe,” he said with another smack.

“Yes, Sir, I was having fun teasing you,” she finally answered. She was squirming and he could see juices begin to drip from her pussy. It was a beautiful sight.

“I warned you to stop, didn’t I, Chloe?” he asked. He swatted her ass again and then cupped his palm over her pussy. Damn! His cock was aching to get in and pound the hell out of her. He slid one finger into her slippery channel and slowly pumped it in and out.

“Chloe, I asked you a question. I warned you about teasing me, didn’t I?” he asked again with another smack!

“Yes…Sir,” she panted. Her breathing was shallow and quick from the pleasure she was receiving from this punishment. She was rocking forward and back against his hand so he stilled her with another swat.

“You will not move until I tell you to. Do you understand?” he asked her. He waited for her to answer. When she didn’t he removed his finger.

She groaned.

“If you want me to give you what you crave then you will answer my questions; now.”

“Oh…God…,” she groaned out. “Yes. I understand, Sir,” she answered him.

“Good girl,” he said and resumed his play. He pressed the heel of his palm into her clit and added another two fingers inside her drenched pussy.

“I want you to come for me now, Chloe,” he said. He felt her walls contracting and trying to push his fingers out. He pressed in harder as she began to cum.

“That’s it. Cover my hand in your sweet juices,” he said as wave after wave of ecstasy rolled through her body.

He pulled his hand away and sucked the sweetness off of his fingers. He unbuttoned his jeans and lowered them, freeing his stiff cock.

“Now, you’ll suck me off with just your mouth until I tell you to stop. Bring those luscious lips over here,” he grabbed the back of her neck after she turned and pushed her face into his crotch.

She wrapped those glorious lips around his cock and sucked in just the tip. God she knew how to tease him!

She pulled away and then went right back down humming as she took his entire length into her hot, wet mouth. The vibrations from the humming caused him to harden more painfully. He allowed her to work on him for only a moment before he was ready to explode. He pulled her away using the hair at the back of her head.

“Enough! Now you will turn back around.” She eagerly obliged; she craved what was coming as much as he did.

Before he entered her he took a minute to admire her sinfully perfect body; generous yet firm breasts, tight ass, and a tiny waist he could wrap his hands around.

She was perfect.

He pressed his tip near her entrance, “Are you ready, kitten?”

“Yes, please! Fuck me now,” she moaned.

He entered her, slowly at first then pulling back and slamming into her. It was hard and it was rough, but they needed it.

Her face was pressed up against the window and she released quick breaths as he pumped in and out of her in fast, quick thrusts.

It took no time at all for them to reach their orgasms. He continued to move in and out of her, slowly, as they came down from the peak.

After the tremors stopped he pulled out and used a napkin from the glove compartment to clean himself off. They both got dressed and took their seats.

He started the truck up and backed out of the alley.

“Now, are you going to behave so we can go meet my boss at the restaurant?”

She gave him a sultry look as she answered, “I will do my best.”

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