Nicolette's Punishment

Do not let the glass slip, Nicolette. If you spill one drop, you will be severely punished, do you understand?”

Nicolette tried her hardest to focus on the wine glass between her toes, but it was a bit difficult to tell if she dropped any of its contents with the blindfold.

She loved this game that she and Carson played. He would act like a Dom, and she a sub, and they would act out various scenes. If she wanted it rough that night then she would disobey, which she did frequently.

“I expect an answer, Nicolette.” He whispered against her ear as he squeezed one erect nipple.

“Yes Sir. I understand.”

“Good, now I am going to play a little while you sit there. No matter what you feel, you are not permitted to move or drop that glass.”

“Yes Sir.”

It wasn’t as if she could move much anyway, he had her arms strapped down to the arms of the chair. The feeling of helplessness that coursed through her was exhilarating and only heightened her arousal. She knew what would come next; his hands would roam her body, dipping, caressing, pinching, and even slapping certain areas, as they made their way to the throbbing apex between her thighs.

There they were; his fingers began stroking her arms in feather light glides, sending shivers through her entire body.

“Your skin is so responsive, Nicolette. I love seeing the goose flesh appear in a trail behind my fingers.” He said this, as his fingers were nearing her neck, one of the most sensitive areas on her body.

“Oh God,” she moaned softly. The excitement from anticipation was driving her insane.

Her foot began to tremble.

“Careful, Darlin’, you don’t want to have an accident with that drink, do you?”

“No Sir,” she replied, breathily.

His fingers were walking down her front, between her breasts, which were heavy from arousal. He took his time circling the nipple of each breast with his finger tips first, then his tongue.

The touch of his moist tongue on her nipple caused her to inhale sharply and caused her to shudder, almost dropping the glass in the process.

“You came close that time, Nicolette. You don’t want a punishment tonight, do you?”

She hesitated; did she?

It had been quite a while since the last spanking, that firm hand landing on her ass, the stinging pain accompanied by the thrilling sensation of pure pleasure. It was exhilarating; it was freeing.

She didn’t answer right away, so his fingers stilled at the damp opening as he said, “Answer me, Nicolette. You don’t want a punishment tonight, do you?” He punctuated the question with the insertion of his fingers, quickly, into her core. The movement forced her ass to lift up off the seat, briefly, and enough to spill a little of the liquid.

“Oh, Nicolette,” he tsked in her ear before withdrawing his fingers from her pussy and bringing them to her lips.

“Open your mouth and clean my fingers, they are covered with your juices.”

She did as he commanded. She opened her mouth and sucked his fingers clean of her fluids, and licked her lips when she was finished.

She felt him working on the straps at the arms of the chair, obviously in preparation of releasing her for her punishment.

When both arms were free, he commanded her to stand, which she did.

“You are beautiful, Nicolette, but even beautiful girls do not go unpunished when they disobey,” he said.

He led her over to the bed and sat down. He then forced her to bend over his knee.

As he rubbed his warm, callused hand on her ass cheeks, he said, “I gave you an order to not spill a drop, Nicolette. You disobeyed.”

“Yes Sir,” she breathed out.

“And what happens when you disobey?”

“I get punished, Sir.”

“That’s right. You get punished, Nicolette.”

His free arm pressed down on her back as his other hand left her cheek and then came down with a  

The force of the hit made her jump.

“Count, Nicolette,”

“One,” she whispered through the pain, and pleasure.




“Three,” the excitement was building in its intensity.

“You are doing well, Nicolette. Only two more to go,” he said as his hand landed another smack!

“Four,” she practically sobbed. She desperately needed this punishment to end quickly because she was on the verge of a climax and she was craving his cock when she finally did.

He stopped temporarily, and smoothed his hand over both cheeks.

“I think an extra one is due for purposely disobeying me. Do you agree?”

What the hell? She wanted to end this punishment quickly so she could wrap her pussy around his enormous cock, so she agreed, “Yes Sir.”

“That’s what I thought.” Smack!

“Count, Nicolette.”




With that finished, he lifted her back into a standing position.

“You want to cum now, don’t you? I can smell your arousal in the air, that sweet scent that belongs only to you. Are you ready for my cock, Nicolette?”

She nodded her head as she said, “Yes Sir. I am ready.”

She heard the rustling of clothing, and she assumed it was he, removing his jeans.

“Good, now, bend down here and give my dick some attention.”

She gladly obeyed that order, and leaned down to wrap her mouth around his thick cock. He had an intoxicating scent that was musky and addicting. Her lips slid down the length of him, and then back to the tip where she swirled her tongue. His throaty moans urged her on, and she continued to suck him off in a more rapid pace as her hands toyed with his tight ball sack.

His hands wrapped in her hair and he gave a tug back, “Enough. My cum will fill your tight little pussy tonight, not your glorious mouth.”

He removed her blindfold and tossed her onto the bed before mounting her.

“As further punishment you will not get foreplay,” he told her as surged into her hard, fast, and deep.

This is exactly what she had been in need of, a rough, primal mating that spoke of his urgent need and desire for her. She didn’t mind the foreplay, often craved the sensual touches that would eventually lead to great love-making, but more than anything she wanted to feel needed and craved, and this fulfilled those wants.

He sped up his rhythm, sliding out so just the tip of his engorged cock was remaining inside, and then slamming back into her, hitting the back wall of her pussy. The sensations that coursed through her body with each thrust were indescribable and left her breathless.

Faster, harder, deeper – the dance continued, and she couldn’t hold back any longer.

“I have to cum…” she grunted out between his thrusts.

“Not yet, Nicolette. I haven’t given you permission,” he replied, then gently bit the side of her neck and slowed his movements, drawing out the strokes of his cock as it slid in and out of her vaginal entrance.

“Oh God…” she moaned. He knew exactly how to tease her, how to make her wild.

As soon as her urgent need to come eased a bit, he picked up speed again.

She could feel the pulsing of his cock as it filled her pussy, the throbbing of his member as he moved within her body. She needed him to let her cum, she needed his permission to release, to let it all go.

“I can feel your need and desire, Nicolette, your pussy wants to let go. Cum now for me, soak my cock with your sweet nectar,” he said, finally giving her permission to orgasm. She did, screaming out his name as her walls attempted to push him out with each pulsating, gushing release of her juices.

As soon as her body had given up all it had, he finally filled her, shooting his hot cum deep within her body as he grunted out his own climax. He slowed his movements as his body continued to drain itself in her pussy.

Their bodies spent, they lie in each other’s arms as they worked to control their breathing. This was one of her favorite parts of their time, the after-sex down time.

Eventually he rolled off her and onto his back, pulling her to drape across his chest as they fell asleep.

That was exactly what she had been needing, and he never failed her.

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