Submission Series, Books 1-3

Blind Sensations (Submission Series, Book 1) 

“When you are ready; when you are fully prepared, I will give you exactly what you want. I will bring you to the height of passion over and over again with my hands and my lips. I will kiss, suck, and caress each and every inch of your luscious body. And then, when you are at that peak, I will drive into you and send you soaring over the edge.”

Samantha, a successful and driven career girl, has decided enough is enough. After a series of horrible blind dates in which the men were either too young, too old, or just plain too self-centered, she has called an end to her dating life and decides to remain single for the rest of her days.

That is until she receives an enticing invitation, via email, from an anonymous sender for passionate, sensual lessons on the five senses: Sight, Taste, Touch, Smell, Hearing. He promises to teach her of her own deepest, darkest desires and cravings.

The only caveat: She must wear a blindfold during each lesson, and he will always remain anonymous throughout all their passionate lessons; and they will have to say good-bye at the completion of the final lesson.

Thrown into the mix is a hot office co-workers, who she is physically attracted to.

Will Samantha fall victim to the romance of the passionate billionaire’s lessons, in the hopes of creating a more pleasurable, sensual bedroom experience in her future?

Will she ever find out who this mystery billionaire "Teacher" is?

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 Blind Seduction (Submission Series, Book 2)

“Don’t forget, this is a lesson on relaxation, a game of seduction that I intend to win.”

~She was his weakness, because of her he learned how to appreciate life…~
~He was her strength, because of him she learned how to trust again…~
~Will the sensual lessons, the games of seduction, be enough to keep them together?~

It has been months since Samantha’s senses were awakened during her passionate lessons with the Teacher. She was thankful, every single day that she made the decision to respond to that first anonymous email. Those three meetings with him opened her eyes and taught her about her true, inner sensual and passionate desires and fantasies.

Since that time she has been enjoying playful games with her lover – a man who can play her body as well as any musician plays their instrument. Recently, however, his work has begun to take precedence over their “love” life, and she has been feeling a bit neglected while her lover has been overworked and terribly stressed.

What’s a girl to do? Well, if you are Samantha, you turn the tables on him and devise a game of passionate seduction that will help teach him to relax and enjoy the little things that he has been missing; like dinners, massages, and foreplay.

Will her lover enjoy the time they have together during her games?

Will he actually learn to take some time to truly savor all that life has to offer him, including Samantha, or risk losing her?

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Blind Surrender (Submission Series, Book 3)

"It was ecstasy.
  It was bliss.
  It was Heaven.
  It was love.
  It was absolute perfect blind surrender."

Three weeks, four days, and seven hours: The length of time that had passed since Brian woke up to an empty bed because he didn’t say those words. The three words that he felt with every fiber of his being, but were so difficult for him to say. I love you.

After a wonderful night, Samantha decided to tell Brian she loved him. After hearing nothing but silence from him in return she knew she had to leave - to protect her mind, heart, and soul. She just never factored in how painful and empty her life would be without him there.

Brian doesn't take long to realize the mistake he made and knows it is time to get Samantha back where she belongs: with him. But Samantha isn't ready to jump back in with him; she is strong and independent, she's been hurt. She needs time. Time he is willing to give her for her heart to heal from the pain he caused her... He just isn't sure how long she is going to need.

But he knows one thing for sure: He will need to surrender all to her. And he knows exactly how he is going to prove to her he has done that.

But is it too late? Has Samantha decided to keep the wall up around her heart to protect her from pain and heartache again?

Or is she willing to surrender to the love they had?

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