Sweet Revenge Series

Selene (Sweet Revenge, Book 1)

For readers searching for a fun, light read about people getting their sweet revenge against their unfaithful partner...

Selene is happy. She is content. She is an independent woman with a hard-working, loving boyfriend. She has it all. Until she doesn't.

Selene decides to surprise her boyfriend on his first night home from a long business trip. She sneaks into his home, and into his bedroom, only to find another woman occupying his bed with him. Hard-working is right! He is hard at work with another woman.

Not listening to his excuses, she storms out of his house and heads home to plot her sweet revenge, which consists of hooking up with a few of his best buddies and sending him photographic evidence of her fun.

Oh! And when he decides to show up at her apartment early one morning, begging for forgiveness, she decides to exact a little more sweet revenge in the form of submission and humiliation.

What kind of humiliation you ask? Well, you will have to buy the book to find out.

Looking for a, hot, humorous, comedic light read short story about a scorned woman getting sweet revenge on her bad boy ex boyfriend. She's taking control now, and she is driven to make him pay.

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Kiara (Sweet Revenge, Book 2)

For those who enjoy a fun, light read about people getting sweet revenge against their unfaithful partners...

Kiara was happy, in love, and content with her life. She had an amazing boyfriend - a man she loved and adored - and a terrific job. You could say that she was "living the life" The only thing that she would change would be to have her boyfriend travel a little less, but travel was part of his job, so she accepted it.

Then one night there is a phone call that destroys it all. Her perfect life isn't so perfect after all...

Her perfect boyfriend had betrayed her in one of the most hurtful ways possible. Not only did she hear him speaking to the other person, but she followed him to the hotel to meet up with them. She watched through the curtains...

After picking up the pieces of her broken heart, and crying until her tears were dried up, she decided to seek sweet revenge in a hot and fun way. A way that would really upset Carter.

How does she get her sweet revenge? Do you ask...

Well, they say that "Turnabout is fair play" right?

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Liana (Sweet Revenge, Book 3)

For those seeking a fun, light story about sweet revenge...

Ex-model, Liana, couldn’t ask for more. Beautiful, successful, and madly in love with her gorgeous, hardworking husband. She had it all.

As she is shopping for a dinner date with her husband, she receives an email that will change her life. One that was so filled with lies and deceit, she didn’t believe it.

Not a word.

At least, she didn’t think she did, or should, until she followed the directions and checked his emails. And there it was, in black and white, proof that her husband was cheating on her.

The betrayal hurt, stung even. But not enough to stop her from seeking sweet revenge against him that he deserved. Oh, and she would enjoy every minute of it too, while he was left in a bind.

How did she get her sweet revenge? Well, you will just have to buy the book to find out, won’t you?

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Michael (Sweet Revenge, Book 4)

"He walked into the kitchen and wrote a little note for her, filling her in on his plans. Plans that were supposed to include her, but those had changed.
He told her about the hotels, the sightseeing plans, and then the final destination.
Then he signed it: Happy anniversary. Hope Marcus was worth it."

(For fans of people getting their sweet revenge against an unfaithful partner...)

Michael - loving and devoted husband - had planned the perfect trip. It was their anniversary, and he knew exactly what they wanted and needed. They had been working so hard lately, to make the life they both dreamed of. He made all the arrangements - hotel reservations, excursions, everything to make it a trip worth remembering. He spoke to his wife's boss to guarantee his wife had the time off to enjoy herself, and to relax.

The car was packed and ready to go. He spoke to his wife to make sure she was going to be leaving on time to head home.

It as all set. All he needed was for his beautiful wife to come home so he could surprise her with her gift.

Nothing could go wrong. Could it?

Well, after hours of waiting, and worrying, he called his wife to find out where she was.

Let's just say his wife wasn't the only one who was going to receive a surprise.

What kind of surprise was Michael going to receive? You'll have to grab the book to find out.

And what did he do when he found out his wife's secret? Why, he sought sweet revenge in the hottest way possible...and made sure she was forced to join in.

Can we just say that sometimes three really is not always a crowd?

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Revenge –The Complete Collection (Sweet Revenge Books 1-4)

Don’t want to buy each book individually to enjoy all four stories? Check out this bundle with all of the ‘Sweet Revenge’ in one place!

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