The To-Do List Fantasies

Free Flowing (The To-Do List Fantasies, Book 1)

Becky, an independent girl always up for some fun, just bought a condominium in a great neighborhood. She lives close to friends and loves taking advantage of being young.

YOLO, right?

One morning, while getting ready for work, Becky notices a leak in her bathroom, and the drain isn't working properly. After getting the info from a friend, she calls the local plumber.

And falls in love!

His voice makes him sound like a dark angel, and she just can't wait to meet him.

When he arrives at her home, he comes prepared to service more than just the faucet.

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Helping Hands (The To-Do List Fantasies, Book 2)

Melanie, Lanie for short, was an independent and athletic young woman who prided herself on her looks and healthy lifestyle. She was active in every way, and needed no one. She had men chasing after her and never lacked for male attention.

Alexander, Xander to his friends, was a roofer who worked for the company Helping Hands Construction. He was a great looking guy and knew it. He was dominating and loved having everything his way. He was always in charge.

After a few days of suffering with leaks around her condominium, Lanie decides it's time to call in a contractor to repair the holes. Hearing Xander's voice on the phone excited her. She couldn't wait to meet him and see if his looks matched his voice.

When he shows up, she isn't disappointed. He is everything his voice led her to believe, and more. She greets him, thinking she could suggest a little fun, but little did she know he had his own ideas of what kind of payment he would accept.

He takes the tour of her home, inspecting the leaks to come up with a plan for repairs. He also had one philosophy: Always take payment before the work. Nail the details before exerting energy on any project.

So they worked together to nail out the details of the work order....

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